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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

How to build DataWarehouse

By on July 16, 2013

And the structure of the data warehouse consists of elements and components that make up the database. Structure will show how the components work together, and can also show how the database will grow over a certain period of time.

While each has a data warehouse structure, and only a few of them a high degree of organization. It is important to note that the data warehouse with the structure of the organization is the most likely to succeed. A data warehouse without the presence of the structure of the organization not be as flexible as it should be. In the absence of good faith, there would be no contacts, they will become difficult to maintain database.
If the company aspires to compete successfully, it is necessary to design the structure of a data warehouse that is highly organized and efficient-A "blue print" to make sure they are properly designed. Must be the definition of all the components, and show how the system will grow as they are used. Thus, it is important to build a data warehouse with the right structure.

The first thing is important to realize that the structure of your data warehouse should be connected directly to your business. For example, if you need to design a data warehouse, which will be updated every night, you will need this to be built in the structure. To build this function in the temple, you will need to have a technical understanding of the system. Some of the things you may want to build a structure within your data warehouse is the availability of global, customer analysis, and data sources, reliability, and daily updates. It is also important to look at the components that will form the structure.

Two core components that will form the structure of your data warehouse is the art elements and data elements. You will also need to consider the business processes, devices, networks, and operating systems. When it comes to data, you may need to create a structure that provides information related to billing or shipping. Should the data within the data warehouse has the same structure. It should also be kept in the same way. A common question that is raised between the organizations is the decision of whether the data appears in dimensional or entity / relationship.

The one you choose depends on how you run your organization. Once you have made your decision, you will want to consider the next infrastructure architecture. The most important factors that are related to infrastructure architecture is the flexibility, size, and scalability. If you do your research, you should not have a hard time building this. When it comes to the network, you will need to pay attention to data sources. There must be a sufficient amount of available bandwidth to transmit information. Must be on desktop computers, which used to be strong enough to run the necessary programs. In addition, should the software you use will be easy to transfer between machines.

It should also put emphasis on the technical architecture. The process must be used which is based off the metadata catalog. It should be a data warehouse is able to pull data from many sources, and may require this data to be encrypted or compressed. You will also need to make sure the data transfer correctly, it should be cleaned, integrated, and audited. It is also important to make sure that you download to many of the goals.

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