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Friday, 19 July 2013

Types of Fact Tables in Datawarehouse

By on July 19, 2013

There are 3 types of fact tables in data warehouse

1. Transactional 

2. Periodic Snapshot

3. Accumulating  snapshot

Transactional Fact Table: 

1. Transactional fact table will be in detailed level.

2. It will have each line of transaction. Example: each line of sale and invoice.

3. Transactional fact table has so detailed level data, so it will be have all the dimensional assisted with it

Periodic Snapshot Fact table:

1. Periodic snapshot fact table will have information by time to time.

2. Consider you want  the information of growth of sales  information of an organisation for a particular region last month compare to this month. Then you will need  periodic snapshot fact table.

3. Periodic snapshot fact table will depend upon transactional fact table as it need a detail held in transactional fact table related to region sales of an organisation.

Accumulating  snapshot Fact table:

1. Accumaulating snapshot fact table is used to show the information of the business which has cleary defined from begin to the end.

2. If you see a purschase order of an organisation, The purschase will move in specific order unstill it is fully processed.

3. Accumlating snapshot fact table will have multiple date column, each date column represent the level of purshase status of an organisation.

How you will define the fact table?

1. Identify the business process of an orginaization

2. Define the grain

3. choose the dimensional for your fact table

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