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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Hyperion financial management Interview question

By on July 31, 2013

1.how to set the dimention in hfm?

2.how many types of account?

3.wat is mean value dimention?

4.where the translation ll be done?-&

5.wat is mean switchsignflow and switchsigntype?

6.wat is mean ICP?

7.how to set icp? if set Y means wat? N means wat? R means wat?

8.wat is mean by plugaccount?

9.how many types of rule?

10.descripe elimination rule?-&

11.wat mean by review process in hfm?-&

12.how to enable process management in hfm?-&


1.wat is mean by validation rule and how to set?-&

2.if I want to 10 location means how to mapping?-&

3.how to import in fdqm?


1.How to connect the source with smartview?

2.do u know infrastructure in HFM?

3.HFM architechture?

1.account type:balace and balancerecurring?

2.if we change currency in entity means wat we ll do in appl?-&

3.how to set ICP?

4.define value and period dimension?

5.how to enable data audit?-&

6.explain organisation by period?

7.when currency transaction ll happpen?

8.if entity x-currency euro and entity y-currency USD means to see in dataform which value dimention set in pov?-&

9.wat is mean by contribution value?-&

10.wat value dimention set for journal entry?

11.how to get icp matching report?-&

12.how set the process management?

13.wat new thing u doing in dataform? link,Scalc function for calculation

14.write the rule to enter value for particular account?-&

1.If we create user for journals, then user can post journal, suppose user can do unpost for journal?-&

2.how can we see the ICP without using dataform and grid?-&

3.user can give matching tolarence?-&

4.organisation by period means wat?
for example in old entity stucture i gave YTD... next year i add one new entity.. if i am consolidate jan means wat ll see the result?-&

5.they give scenario for rules?

6.if client give excel means.. how you load input into HFM?_&

7. wat issue you solved in ur project?-&

8.what is the HFM services u go to start?

9.types of mapping?

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  2. Can you explain me difference between functional and technical HFM consultants. Job responsibilities and all. Thanks

  3. thank you soo much for the questions
    it will be more better if u have provided the answers


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