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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Methods of DataWarehouse

By on July 16, 2013

Most organizations agree that data warehouses are a useful tool. They benefit from the ability to store and analyze the data, and this can allow them to make sound business decisions. It is also important for them to ensure proper dissemination of information, and it should be easy to access by people who are responsible for making decisions.

There are two elements that make up a data warehouse environment, and this is a supply and staging. It can also be known as a staging area acquisitions. It consists of ETL processes, and once the data has been prepared, it will be sent to the display area.

When data is placed within the display area, a number of programs analysis and consideration. While many organizations agree on the overall goal of data warehouses, may approach to build these institutions vary. Try to use data clusters alone is not a good approach, because they are oriented departments. In addition, we will try to use data clusters alone are ineffective, and it will reach to a number of problems in the long term. There are two techniques for building data warehouses that have become very popular. This is the Kimball Bus Architecture and corporate information factory.

With technology Kimball, will convert the raw data and refined within the staging area. It is important to make sure properly handled data during this step. During the staging process, and will be withdrawn raw data from the source systems. While some of the staging operations may be centralized, and will be distributed to others. The display area has a dimensional structure, and this model will have the same information as a standard model. However, it will be easier to use, and it will display information that is summarized.

Will create a three-dimensional model through business process. Departments within the organization does not play a role in this. Data will be populated once it is placed inside a warehouse dimensions, not depending on the various departments that may make up the organization. When placed inside the warehouse business processes, the system will become highly efficient. Data warehouse approach popular following that you will want to become familiar with is the corporate information factory. Another name for this technique is the approach EDW. Will be the format of the data that is extracted from the source.

In the CIF, the data warehouse is used to hold the record data warehouses, and it may also have specific data warehouses that are designed to extract the data. May be designed for the populations of specific data circuits, and it may be the summary data which is in the form of dimensional structure. The data can be obtained from the data warehouse atomic standard. While there are some similarities between these techniques, there are some notable differences as well.

One of the fundamental differences between these two technologies is the basis of data normalization. With the approach of Kimball, the data structures that must be obtained before displaying depends on the dimensions of the source data and transformation. In most cases, it was not required to store a duplicate of the data in each of the foundations and normalized dimensions. It is believed many of the people who choose to use a normalized data structure that is faster than the dimensional structure, but they often fail to take the ETL into account.

Another thing that separates the two approaches is the management of data warehouse data (IAEA). With CIF, the data will be stored within the data warehouse Atomic normalization. In contrast, the method Kimball States that the atomic data should be placed in the context of the structure dimensions. When data is placed within the structure dimensions, it can be summed up in a wide variety of different ways.
It is important to make sure of the details of the information that you have so that users will be able to ask relevant questions. While most users do not put the focus on the details of the transaction and one offspring, they may want a summary of a large number of transactions. It is important for them to have the details so that they will not be able to answer important questions. Should be the approach you choose to be one which achieves your company's needs.

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