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Sunday, 7 July 2013

PowerCenter and PowerMart in Informatica

By on July 07, 2013

Welcome to PowerMart and PowerCenter, Informatica’s integrated suite of software products that deliver an open, scalable solution addressing the complete life cycle for data warehouse and analytic application development. Both PowerMart and PowerCenter combine the latest technology enhancements for reliably managing data repositories and delivering information resources in a timely, usable manner.
The metadata repository coordinates and drives a variety of core functions including extraction, transformation, loading, and management. The Informatica Server can extract large volumes of data from multiple platforms, handle complex transformations, and support high-speed loads. PowerMart and PowerCenter can simplify and accelerate the process of moving data warehouses from development to test to full production.

Software features that differ between the PowerMart and PowerCenter:

If You Are Using PowerCenter
With PowerCenter, you receive all product functionality, including the ability to register multiple servers, share metadata across repositories, and partition data.
A PowerCenter license lets you create a single repository that you can configure as a global repository, the core component of a data warehouse.
When this guide mentions a PowerCenter Server, it is referring to an Informatica Server with a PowerCenter license.

If You Are Using PowerMart
This version of PowerMart includes all features except distributed metadata, multiple registered servers, and data partitioning. Also, the various options available with PowerCenter (such as PowerCenter Integration Server for BW, PowerConnect for IBM DB2, PowerConnect for IBM MQSeries, PowerConnect for SAP R/3, PowerConnect for Siebel, and PowerConnect for PeopleSoft) are not available with PowerMart.
When this guide mentions a PowerMart Server, it is referring to an Informatica Server with a PowerMart license.

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