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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Unable to login in oracle linux 6.4

By on October 12, 2013

Oracle Linux 6.4 unable to login:

I'm installing DAC (Datawarehouse Administrator console) in Oracle Linux 6.4, while installing I required JDK 1.6 path to start DAC services. here is were I have made one mistake which killed my full day.

I have installed OBIEE 11.6 in this same machine, for installing OBIEE 11.6 I was requiring JDK 1.6. But JDK 1.6 is inbuilt with Oracle Linux 6.4, so I skipped installing JDK 1.6.

But while installing DAC, I need to configure dac_env.bat file with JDK path. And i'm not a expert in linux and I'm unable to find the path of inbuilt java, so I installed java again separately and by mistake I fixed java path in bash.profile as default path which got overwrite with existing java and got some thing corrupted.

After this incident I am not able to use any basic command like (ls,rm,rd CD..) nothing, so I restarted the machine.. that's it..., Yes I can't log in this machine after my restart.


I know very well that I need to remove java to overcome from this problem. But I'm unable to login in my system even with root user.

I contacted my Linux system Administrator(Mr.Jinesh), he brought Oracle Linux 6.4 CD drive then we booted with risk point mode and used shell script and deleted java from my machine..

Once I restarted the machine. I'm able to login my user again.

Date - 18.10.2013

mkashu: Unable to login in oracle linux 6.4
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