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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Informatica Installation and configuration in Linux 6

By on October 12, 2013

Informatica server Installation and configuration in Linux 6.2


Create 2 users, infa and infadm (user-defined) and assign the default tablespace.

Assign access to users such as connect, resource, dba.

Adding limits for informatica, under security folder.
<Domain >      <type>                        <item>                        <value>
Hard                nofile                                        8192
Soft                  nofile                                        8192
Make one directory under “apps” (User – Defined) you can create the directory as per user.

Using the command ‘mkdir

Example: $mkdir /apps/informatica/9.0.1 –p

Change the mode of the directories to access, using the command ‘chmod

Locate the Path for Oracle and Informatica under ‘.bash_profile’
View the .bash_profile and add the path, look below.

Save the .bash_profile file and check once again whether the paths are located properly or not using the tail command.
$ Tail .bash_profile
Now start the installation of informatica, go to the location of server and find the install.sh file to begin the installation.
Use the command $ sh install .sh.

Click Y to continue the installation

Enter the Choice 1 to install the server hot fix informatica with upgrade.

Select the mode of installation Graphic mode or console mode.
Select Graphic mode and continue installation.

Installation will get continue according to Graphic mode as like in windows.
Select Install type option to install fresh, if you want to upgrade can choose the upgrade option and click next.

Pre-requisites to verify the installation will carry out and Click next.

Locate the License key file “Oracle_All_OS_Prod.key
Locate the installation directory.”/apps/informatica/9.0.1

Check the settings and click install.
Installation process will start.
Check in “Create a domain” and “Enable https for informatica Administratorport: 8443
Give the credentials for database configuration
Database type: oracle
Database UserID: infadm
User Password: ******
Database Connection
Database Address: database installed host name or ip Address: port number
Database Service name: orcl (user – defined)
Take a look below screen shot
Give the Informatica domain details.

Click next to complete the installation.
Check the status of installation success or failure.
If Installation Status: success then click done.
Automatically Administration page will display.

Login as username: Administrator
Password: ***********

Informatica will show the created domain and node while installation.

Check the domain and node details.

Domain Details and credentials.

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