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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Informatica Server 9.0.1 installation

By on October 12, 2013

Click on below installable file of server

Only for installing the hot fix option select option2 else option1

Select option 1 install with hotfix2 , if you have already installed informatica then select 2nd option

take care that as per below screenshot that path should not contain space else key will not be recognized

Below steps are very important for creating the domain , while doing the load balancing second option is feasible. For new domain , select “Create Domain”

Remove the tick of “https for Informatica Administrator”

Automatically we will get database user id and the type , recorrect if it is not correct

Create user named as ‘infa’

create user infa identified by infa;

grant sysdba to infa;

grant create session to infa;

If above all things fails while configuring the user then you can setup the user as ‘sh’ as ‘sys’ for domain because it has super user access

Untick jdbc parameter as shown in below screenshot :::::

Gave same password

Username : Administrator

Password : Administrator

Select below display advanced port configuration page if you want to specify the range of the ports , recommended is 5 ports of difference.( port range has been reduced to 6009 to 6014)

However for this installation we have not selected advanced port configuration page option

Untick the below option of run informatica under different user account

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