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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Benefits of Microsoft BI

By on October 03, 2017

MSBI provides many benefits to companies utilizing it. It can eliminate a lot of the guesswork within an organization, enhance communication among departments while coordinating activities, and enable companies to respond quickly to changes in financial conditions, customer preferences, and supply chain operations. MSBI improves the overall performance of the company using it.

The firms have recognized the importance of business intelligence for the masses has arrived.

Some of them MSBI benefits listed below:

With MSBI superior tools, now employees can also easily convert their business knowledge via the

analytical intelligence to solve many business issues, like increase response rates from direct mail, telephone, e-mail, and Internet delivered marketing campaigns.

With MSBI, firms can identify their most profitable customers and the underlying reasons for those customers’ loyalty, as well as identify future customers.

Analyze click-stream data to improve ecommerce strategies.

MSBI Quickly detect warranty-reported problems to minimize the impact of product design deficiencies.

MSBI Analyze potential growth customer profitability and reduce risk exposure through more accurate financial credit scoring of their customers.

MSBI Determine what combinations of products and service lines customers are likely to purchase and when.

Reduce equipment downtime by applying predictive maintenance.

Decreased Costs, Because MSBI can quickly analyze the performance of front-line operations, it helps identify where productivity and cost improvements are possible. For example, by analyzing supply chain performance, managers can decide whether they should put their efforts into reducing procurement, warehousing or delivery costs. MSBI allows companies to priorities where their efforts are likely to achieve the greatest payoff.

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