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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Set the default currency OBIEE 12C

By on April 09, 2017

1 Open the currencies.xml file in the directory


2 Search for the currency to make the default, for example, USD, CAD, PEN, or MAD.

3 Copy the entire currency element.

For example, copy the currency tag for the Euro:

- <Currency tag="int:euro-l" type="international" symbol="_" displayMessage="kmsgCurrencyEuroLeft" digits="2" format="$ #">

4 <negative tag="minus" format="-$ #" />

5 </Currency>

7 Search for the text string int:wrhs, located near the top of the file.

8 Select the entire element and replace it by pasting the copied element over it.

9 Replace the tag attribute so it reads int:wrhs.

For example, replace tag="int:euro-l" with tag="int:wrhs".

10 Restart the service for Oracle BI Presentation Services.

This is the changes applied on production server

<Currency tag="int:wrhs" type="local" symbol="R" locale="af-ZA" format="$ #" digits="2">

<negative tag="minus" format="-$ #" />


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