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Saturday, 22 April 2017


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Run rcu to create repositories in the database to support the WLS OBI install
Source: /stage/oracle/OBI/OBI/RCU

You can either unzip rcu to be local or run it from the share. It is recommended to run local to ensure no issues.

The rcu will require the normal setup to allow an oracle installer session to run, ie, a working X server, the DISPLAY to be set and so on.
From the application server, e.g., d001m-uap04:
mkdir -p /u01/product/OBIDEV/rcu
cp /stage/oracle/BPM_OBI/OBI/RCU/ /u01/product/OBIDEV/rcu
cd /u01/product/OBIDEV/rcu
cd rcuHome/bin

Please Note: If the database you are installing into is not clean, you may need to drop the existing repository. If that is the case, just click on drop instead of create in the second screen, and plug in the same details and just follow the bouncing ball.

• When the GUI is presented Click Next

· Click Create

• Supply details for the repository database, production values below as an example.

o Host: p001m-udb02
o Port: 1666

Note – you will need to connect as sys / sysdba to create the repository.
• Click Next

· Click OK

· Create a new Prefix, OBIA

· Select Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle Business Intelligence

· Click Next

· Click OK

· Click “Use same passwords for all schemas”

· Provide Passw0rd

· Click Next

· Provide the following details,

Master Repository ID (001): 001

Supervisor Password: <password safe>

Confirm Supervisor Password: <password safe>

Work Repository Type: D

Work Repository ID(001): 001

Work Repository Password: <password safe>

Work Repository Password: <password safe>

Click ok

Click OK

Click create

Should start progressing

· Click Close