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Saturday, 25 March 2017

[nQSError: 15048] Logical table

By on March 25, 2017

Use the consistency check manager to check the tables that have been referenced in a cross dimensional join or have invalid primary key definitions.

Please review the tables mentioned in the error message and check the following: 
Set a proper column key which should ensure that the error on these tables go away.
[nQSError: 15048] Logical table
[nQSError: 15048] Logical table

Ensure that there are no measures or calculated columns in your logical tables
This RPD throws lots of "invalid cross dimensional join" errors.

The solution is to delete all logical joins between pairs of tables that belong to different dimensions in your rpd So, check your rpd for joins between the tables mentioned and other dimensions and delete them

Joining two dimension tables is not a recommended design practice.
For logical schemas in the business model, snow flaking is not recommended even in previous OBIEE versions like

mkashu: [nQSError: 15048] Logical table
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  1. Awesome! Worked for me. Thanks


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