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Sunday, 17 November 2013

What is a Fact Table in Data warehousing

By on November 17, 2013

A fact table that contains the measure of values (Numeric Data of business).

For example, sales amount would be such a measure. This measure is stored in the fact table with the appropriate granularity. For example, it can be sales amount by store by day. In this case, the fact table would contain three columns: A date column, a store column, and a sales amount column.

In Oracle Business Intelligence Fact table have foreign key to get connect with the dimension tables.

1. It provides measure of an entity.

2. Measurement is the amount (aggregate values).

3. Structure of Fact Table - foreign key (fk), Degenerated Dimension and Measurements.

4. Size of Fact Table is larger than Dimension Table.

5. In a schema less number of Fact Tables observed compared to Dimension Tables.

6. Compose of Degenerate Dimension fields act as Primary Key.

7. Values of the fields always in numeric or integer form.

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