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Saturday, 25 March 2017

[nQSError: 73006]

By on March 25, 2017

[nQSError: 73006] Cannot obtain Oracle BI Servers from either the primary Cluster Controller or the secondary Cluster Controller specified for the clustered DSN
[nQSError: 73006]
[nQSError: 73006]

Frequent updates were made to the web catalog by unarchiving files from other environments that did not share the same user ids, as well as changes made to the permissions granted to users in the LDAP directory. The GUIDS were not refreshed at the time of the updates.
The mismatched GUIDs caused the stuck threads, Once there are three stuck threads, the Managed Server will shut itself down. You can see this from the managed server log files:

<<WLS Kernel>> [...] <BEA-310006> <Critical Subsystem Thread Pool has failed. Setting server state to FAILED. Reason: Server failed as the number of stuck threads has exceeded the max limit of 3>

Synchronize the GUIDs each time the web catalog is updated. Also, you might find that re-entering the LDAP password and bouncing the system resolves the error.


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