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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Working with mapping in Informatica

By on August 10, 2014

Working with Mappings:
You can perform the following tasks with mappings:
  • Create a mapping. When you create a mapping, you save the mapping name in the repository. You can then develop and save the mapping. 
  • Open a mapping. You can open one mapping at a time in a folder.
  • Copy a mapping. You can copy a mapping within the same folder or to another folder.
  • Export a mapping. You can export a mapping to an XML file.
  • Import a mapping. You can import a mapping from an XML file that you exported in the Designer.
  • Edit a mapping. You can add, modify, or delete objects in a mapping.
  • Save a mapping. When you save a mapping in the repository, the Designer performs mapping validation.
  • Debug a mapping. Run the Debugger in the Mapping Designer to test mapping logic.
  • Delete a mapping. Delete a mapping from the repository if you do not want to use it again.  
    Working with mapping in Informatica
    Working with mapping in Informatica
Creating a Mapping:
The first step in the process of moving data between sources and targets is to create a mapping in the Mapping Designer. Use the following steps to create a mapping. To create a mapping:
  • Open the Mapping Designer.
  • Choose Mappings-Create, or drag a repository object into the workspace.
  • Enter a name for the new mapping and click OK.

Opening a Mapping:
To open a mapping, drag it from the Navigator into the Mapping Designer workspace. If you have a mapping in the same folder already open, the Designer prompts you to close it before continuing. Click OK to close the current mapping and open the other one. You can open one mapping at a time in a folder. If you open more than one folder at a time, you can open a mapping in each folder.

Copying a Mapping:
The Designer allows you to copy mappings:
  • Within a folder
  • To another folder in the same repository or in another repository
When you copy a mapping, the Designer creates a copy of each component in the mapping, if the component does not already exist. If any of the mapping components already exist, the Designer prompts you to rename, replace, or reuse those components before you continue.

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