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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Batches in Informatica

By on August 03, 2014

What are Batches ? Types of Batches and their uses?

Batches are group of sessions executed in serial or parallel by the Informatica Server.

Two Types of Batches
1) Sequential Batch   :  Run the batched Sessions one after other.
2) Concurrent Batch  :  to start  the all Sessions in batch at once.

Batches are used to improve performance or to ensure targets load in a set order.
Default is  Sequential Batch.
How you start , stop, schedule, create , edit batch?
Using Server Manager. Or pmcmd command

Is it possible to copy or abort batches?

Batches in Informatica
Batches in Informatica

What command is used to start session or batch?
Pmcmd      if it returns 1 session is failed
Informatica server removes failed batches from schedule.

What is role of Sequencial Batch and Concurrent batch which is useful?
Using Sequencial Batch the Informatica Server execute the next session only if previous session is completed.
It can configure next session only if previous session complete. If first session fails informatica server marks both session and entire batch failed, then remove batch from schedule.

Using Concurrent batch, informatica server starts all sessions within batch at the same time. If the time on informatica server is limited this concurrent batch is useful.  It reducing time to run sessions. you increase the chances of completing the sessions within a given time period.

If Session sends 40millions of data to staging area. Instead of running large session  we can improve session performace by divding one large session into 40 separate sessions running them concurrently in a batch.

What are diff. Between sequencial batch and concurrent batch?

Sequential Batch

Concurrent Batch
1) if the first session fails after correcting the session it execute the next session

1) if first session fails Informatica Server Ignores the first one and processing the next session.
2) you can recover data from the session that failed and run the remaining sessions in the batch.
2) if all sessions in a concurrent batch fail, you might want to truncate all targets and run the batch again.

What is the use of Batch Parameter File in Batch ?
Enter parameter file in batch property sheet to override parameter files used by sessions contained in batch.
To override session parameter file we use Batch Parameter File.

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