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Sunday, 26 January 2014

issues while working with flat files in Informatica?

By on January 26, 2014

· We cannot use SQL override while using flat files as source.

· We need to specify correct path in the session and have to mention the file is ‘direct’ or ‘indirect’.

· And keep the file in exact path as mentioned in the session.

· Have to convert the date field to date data type since it reads as string.

mkashu: issues while working with flat files in Informatica?
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Comment for "issues while working with flat files in Informatica?"


  1. Hi Kashif,
    Thanks for your blog. This question is quite interesting. I believe if you frame this question as (suggestion) "Points to be considered while working with flat files" . Since if we always points the issue around some thing then it would give a fear for new bees. Additional point you can consider as

    1) File name that comes with date and that date should be extracted then use indirect method and take the last string rather than counting from the beginning since in different env, string length is different.

    Please keep writing blogs.
    You can contact me at tele.sarkar@gmail.com
    Thanks for your extra time for the blog

    1. Thanks for your valuable comment

  2. > If the flat file is in UNIX system, then you need to manage the dos to unix conversion.
    > Handling the null characters
    > Special characters

  3. when we use 'output field names' the first field name always start with #
    MS office might get error in opening Flat file targets generated by informatica with .xls or .xlsx extension.
    Need to give 'number of initial rows to skip ' in case of flat file sources/lookups

  4. when we give source file directory does the service search for the file in theat directory only or if it does not find it in that directory, it will search in the sub directories too.

    1. It will search in sub directory too.


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