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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Getting Started With BI Publisher

By on August 16, 2017

Logging In to Oracle BI Publisher
➢ Logon to BI Publisher
➢ If you have installed BI Publisher along with Oracle BI Enterprise Edition, then you can select All Programs > Oracle Business Intelligence > BI Publisher from the Start menu

➢ Otherwise use the URL for BI Publisher in a browser window which is of the format
(For example, http://chnmct139034d:9704/xmlpserver/)
➢ Logon to BI Publisher with username and password credentials.

➢ This displays the Welcome screen for BI Publisher.

Note: As you have logged in as the Administrator, the welcome page displays the Reports, Schedules, and Admin tabs. For the users who do not have administrator privileges, the Admin tab will not be displayed.
3.2. Creating new Folder
➢ Create a new Folder with in My Folders or Shared Folders or Users as required.

JDBC Connectivity
➢ Click the Admin tab. Click JDBC Connection found under the Data Sources section of the page.

In the JDBC Data Sources screen that is displayed click the Add Data Source to create a new data source.

In the Update Data Source screen, enter the following details: Connection String: This is of the format: jdbc:oracle:thin:@<Host name>: <Port>:<SID>, for example, a sample connection string may look like:
Username & Password: Provide the credentials Database Driver Class: oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver (This is the default.)