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Saturday, 4 July 2015

Informatica Training online

By on July 04, 2015

Informatica Training  

Hello Mates,

1.   Class room training for Informatica 9 will be given for student who located in Chennai, India.

 2.   Informatica 9 Online training will be given for USA students in evening timings.

 3. Informatica 9 training tutorials will be provided at the time of training.

Informatica Training
Informatica Training

1. Introduction

Basic concept of Data warehousing 

Data warehousing Architecture

Data modelling concepts

Star Schema and snow flake schema

ETL process flow

Reporting Process Flow

2. Administration 

Configuring the Repository Server

Starting the Repository Server

Configuring Informatica server

Creating Repository in Administrator Console

Starting the repository

Taking Backup and restoring the repository

Working with Repository Manager

Creating folders, users groups, granting privileges etc..

3. Working with Designer 

Extraction transformation and loading of tables.

Importing and Exporting source and target.

Creating Target tables with constraints.

Creating of simple mapping and complex.

4. Transformations 

Filter Transformations

Router Transformations

Sorter Transformations

Rank Transformations

Expression Transformations

Aggregator Transformations

Source Qualifier Transformations

Joiner Transformations

Union Transformations

Sequence Generator Transformations

Stored Procedure Transformations

Normalizer Transformations

Lookup Transformations

Update Strategy Transformations

Transaction control Transformations

Custom Transformation Transformations

5. Slowly Changing Dimension 

Slowly Changing Dimension Type 1

Slowly Changing Dimension Type 2

Slowly Changing Dimension Type 3

6. Working with Workflow Manager 

Creation of Tasks such as Session,Command and Email.

Working with task developer

Creation of workflow

Creation of Batch session

Running the workflow

Creation of scheduler and configuring the scheduler

7. Working with workflow monitor 

 Monitoring the session and workflow

Troubleshooting the errors

Checking log property

Checking the output with session log

Checking the performance statistics.

8. Cube and Dimensions 

Creating Dimension

Creating cube

Creating mapping for cubes and dimensions

Creating workflow for the cubes and dimensions mapping.

9. Additional concept



Importing Access,XL files to database

Mapping Parameters & Variables

Session Parameters & Variables

User Defined Functions

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