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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

OBIEE installation steps by steps

By on April 28, 2015

Before you go for OBIEE installation you need create schema from RCU (Repository creation utility)

Follow the same step as per the screen shot.

Click on create and load component schema into a database

Give hostname, port, service name and sys username password to create schema

It will do pre-check and give on OK

Select AS Common schemas and Oracle Business Intelligence

Click Ok

Give common password

Click on OK

Click on OK

Click on OK

Click on Ok

Click on Create

By this your Repository has been created.

Start Installing OBIEE now. Click on setup file of OBIEE

Give Next

Check on Skip Software Updates

Give Next

Go with Enterprise Install

Hit the password and give next

Select some empty directory and give next

Give Yes and hit on Enter

Give next

Give Database credentials and hit on enter

Give Database credentials and hit on enter

Select Auto Port configuration and hit enter

Give next

Click on Install

Click on Next

Hit on Finish you are done OBIEE Installation

Your OBIEE Installation has been completed successfully. OBIEE is ready for use.

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