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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Top 200 OBIEE 11g Interview Question

By on March 29, 2014

OBIEE Interview Questions:

I am preparing for attending interview on OBIEE and OBIA. OBIEE interviews will be mostly depends on conceptual wise and naming terminologies is very important for OBIEE interview.

I have collection a set of interview question, which will be so generic for OBIEE interview.

Set – 1

1. What are the different components of OBI? (5 components)

2. What is the difference between OBI & OBIEE?

3. What is your role with OBI? Administration or BI role?

4. Did you install OBIEE on windows or UNIX?

5. What are the main steps in stalling the OBIEE?

6. How to configure the LOV for the Analytics? For example # of closed SR?

7. Did you use WebLogic for deploy the analytics?

8. What about the integration between OBIEE & Siebel? Dashboard Integration?

9. What about the integration between OBIEE and Siebel Marketing?

10. What is the Architecture of OBIEE? DAC Server, DAC Client, Informatica Serever?

11. Where and with what to install the DAC Server? And DAC Client?

12. What are the DAC main components? Three components (Setup, Design, Execution)

13. What you can do in the setup part? (DAC System Parameter, Informatica Parameters, Physical source and Email Recipient)

14. What does it mean by Subject Area, Container, source system folder, source system parameter, task and task group?

15. How you can do full and delta load? How to register and rebuild the indices?

16. How to create a new task and add it to the execution plan?

17. How to create Load Balancing?

18. What are the different types of security within the OBI?

19. What you can do with the Admin tools security?

20. What you can do with Catalog Secuirty?

21. What are the image tables?

22. What is the different between DAC repository and OLAP Repository?

23. How to raise the log level in OBI and OBIEE? Two ways

24. What are the different OBI logs?

25. What are the main two services for OBI?

26. How to link the analytics catalog and analytics repository with the service?

27. What about Informatica parameter files per map?

28. How to start the DAC server?

29. If the DAC server is down, where you can check reason of failure?

30. How you can speed up the reports? cashing

Set – 2

1. What is the default location of a repository file?

2. How many repository files can be loaded to a BI Server simultaneously? Assume its a single server with single instance of BI Server running just to keep things easy

3. If you have more than 3 repository files mentioned in your NQSConfig.ini file as default, which one gets loaded to the memory when the BI Server is started?


Star = SamplerRepository1.rpd, DEFAULT;

Star = SamplerRepository2.rpd, DEFAULT;

Star = SamplerRepository3.rpd, DEFAULT;

4. How do you import Essbase Cubes into your repository?

5. Whats XMLA and where is it used for in OBIEE context?

6. Can you change the location of your rpd file in your OBIEE Configuration? If Yes, Where would you mention the new location of this rpd file for Bi Server?

7. What kind of joins would you perform in the physical layer of the repository file when opened with Administration tool?

8. What are the minimum services needed to load a repository file onto memory and view a dashboard which has reports that have been refreshed on a scheduled basis?

9. Can you use an OLTP backend database for creating a dashboard?

10. How many tables are needed in minimum to pass through the Consistency Checking in Logical Layer (Business Mapping and Modeling Layer) of the repository?

11. Can you create new views in the database using OBIEE Administration tool? Can you explain the procedure for doing this?

12. What is a complex join in OBIEE and why, where is it used?

13. Is it mandatory to have hierarchies defined in your repository? If Yes, where does it help? If No, what happens in the reports?

14. How do you create outer joins in physical layer?

15. What does Consistency Checking perform; What are the minimum criteria to pass consistency checking for a given repository?

16. Does OBIEE store physical sql ? How is physical sql generated in OBIEE environments?

17. Are there any occasions where physical sql is not generated when running against a backend database like Oracle, SQL Server or any other relational database?

18. What is the best default logging level for production users?

19. What is the difference between logging level 1 and 2?

20. What are the different places (files) to view the physical sql generated by an Answers report?

21. Where does the BI Server logs its start, stop and restart times in the file system?

22. You have two tables Table 1 and Table 2 joined by a foreign key in the database? They are imported together from the database into your physical layer. Is this relationship still preserved in the OBIEE physical layer?

23. Same as question 22 but what happens if you import each table seperately?

24. If Table 1 and Table 2 are dragged from physical layer to BMM layer, which table becomes a Fact Table and which table becomes a Dimension Table?

25. What if the tables (Table 1 and Table 2) are not joined, then what happens in BMM layer?

26. What is the difference between logical table and logical table source?

27. How many LTS (Logical Table Sources) can a logical table have? Whats the minimum and maximum?

28. How many server instances can coexist in an OBIEE cluster?

29. Whats a dimension only query in OBIEE?

30. Aggregation rules are set on top of …………… columns (Physical Columns or Logical Columns or Both)
31. What is alternative drill path? How do you set alternative drill path in OBIEE?

32. What are the pre-requisites for using aggregate persistence wizard? What does aggregate persistence wizard create and what does it help with?

33. Can you import data in multiple sheets from an Excel file? How do you import data from an Excel sheet? (Forget about csv files for now)

34. What are the uses of “Execute Direct SQL” feature in Answers? Is it a good practice to allow this feature for production users?

35. How do you disable “Execute Direct SQL” feature for all the users of your repository?

36. I want to store the value of the last time the respository was updated and show it in the dashboard? What type of variable can be used for this purpose?

37. Is there any way to see a list of all the repository variables defined in your repository using Answers tool?

38. What are Chronological Keys in OBIEE? How are they different from Logical Keys?

39. You want to use a database built-in function bypassing the functions defined in OBIEE? What OBIEE function helps in achieving this? Whats the syntax for this function?

40. What are the different ways to authenticate an user in OBIEE system? Can OBIEE authenticate a user passing through multiple authentication methods?

41. How do you resolve M:M relationship between tables in OBIEE? Explain a scenario where this would help?

42. Does OBIEE support ragged hierarchies? What is the procedure to import ragged hierarchies from Essbase?

43. You are trying to open a repository using Admin tool and when you click to say “Open Online”; a dialogue box pops up saying “Your rpd is available in read-only” mode. How can you edit this repository by opening online?

44. How do you set up usage tracking in OBIEE? Is the Usage Tracking mechanism in OBIEE configurable to capture new identified metrics by your department?

45. What is the default configuration for caching in NQSConfig.ini file? How method does the OBIEE use for clearing its cache?

46. Table 1 and Table 2 are joined together in an Answers query. Table 1 is defined as cachable and Table 2 is defined as not cachable? What happens to the resultset used in the Answers tool? Is the result cached or not cached?

47. What is MUDE/ MUD in OBIEE? On what basis would you create projects?

48. Two people (Developer A and Developer B) are assigned to the same project inside MUD and opened the same project simultaneously. Developer A made some changes to the project and merged his changes to the original repository. Developer B also made some changes and commited his changes to the original repository? Does the MUD environment preserve both Developer A and Developer B changes?

49. In MUDE, Can two resources checkout the same project simultaneously?

50. In MUDE, what happens if the physical tables are shared between projects?

51. What are the different types of utilities provided in OBIEE? Explain any two utilities used in your previous projects and what are they used for?

52.What are the different documentation mechanisms available in Admin tool? How do you create documentation for your Answers users against all objects available in your subject areas?

Set – 3

1> Over all architecture of DAC?

2> Why we should use DAC and not control all execution through informatica?3

3> Can we run multiple execution plan at the same time in DAC?

4> Explain DAC export/import

5> Have you change any of the DAC parameters? If so which one and why?

6> How do you determine the Informatica Server Maximum Sessions Parameter Setting inDAC?

7> Can dac send an email just in case of any failures?

8> Can you execute the sql scrip through DAC? If yes how?

9> In DAC How you can disable table indexes before loading and enable the index once load is complete?

10> Let say you are running the normal incremental load. But just for today you want to extract data from AP_INVOCIES_ALL from 12/12/2011? How you can achieve this?

11> How DAC Determines the Order of Task Execution within an Execution Plan?

12> What are Micro ETL Execution Plans? How can you Build and run them?

13> from you past experience

Set – 4

1. Explain the Architecture of OBIEE and what each components do?

2. How to get sql from obiee for reports?

3. How will you do sort in Reports in OBIEE Answers.

4. How will you do different types of narrative Reports in OBIEE?

5. How will you create Interactive Dashboards ?

6. What is write-back in obiee ?

7. How will you execute Direct SQL in OBIEE?

8. How will you create report from two subject areas

9. How will you Port changes for dashboards,reports,rpd from development to production?

10. What are the different types of variables in OBIEE? explain

11. How will you enable or disable caching in the system level and table level?

12. How will you go about adding additional column to the repository in the presentation layer?

13. How will effect the changes for a report , if for certain users only the column heading in the report should be changed?

14. What is a table alias in obiee? and where and how will you create it.

15. Have you created Hierarchy in OBIEE. if so where and how?

16. What is Level Based Metrics.How will you create it?

17. What are the different layers of OBIEE Repository?

18. What is Authentication? How many types of authentication.

19. What are the different types of security you have worked in OBIEE?

20. What is a bridge table ?

21. You come Morning to the office. and all the users are complaining about the obiee reporting system is very slow(dasboards). what is your approach to resolve the issue?

22. What are the different log files in OBIEE?

23. What are the Key Configuration Files in OBIEE?

24. How will change port of obiee answers?

25. What is ClusterServices in OBIEE ? Why its used?

26. Can you change the location of the OBIEE Repository?

27. How many BI Services Node can be clustered together?

28. Can you run multiple rpd’s in a Single OBIEE Instance?

29. How will you implement security in obiee,so that subjects areas accessed by one group are not accessed by another group.

30. What is SCD type 1 and 2.

31. What is Star Schema and SnowFlake Schema?

32. How to startup OBIEE in Linux?

33. How you generally Approach to ur Analytics Project?

34. How we are going to decide which schema we are going to implement in the data warehouse?

35. What are the Challenges You Faced while making of Reports?

36. What you will do when your Report is not Fetching Right Data?

37. How analytics Process Your Request When you Create your Requests?

38. From where u Get the Logical Query of your Request?

39. What are the Major Challenges You Faced While Creating the RPD??????

40. What are Global Filter and how thery differ From Column Filter?
41. How to hide Certain Columns From a User?

42. How to Enable Drills in a Given Column Data?

43. How the users Created Differs From RPD/Answers/Dashboards Level?

44. How Online/Offline mode impact Development and Delpoyment????

45. What is Guided Navigation?

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    1. install oracle 11g,then rcu and atlast obiee11g fussion middle

  2. Thanks for the list! That's quite a needful of questions to prepare. However it will be great if you can post some more of interview related stuff. Will help everyone. Currently I am going through my OBIEE training at WIZIQ. Looking forward to your posts! Thanks once again.

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