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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Power BI concepts

By on May 02, 2017

The 3-major component of Power BI are :

1. Reports

2. Data sets

3. Dashboards


Power BI concepts
Power BI concepts

A dataset is an organized collection of related set of logical information that you import or connect to Power BI facilitates effective connection to various datasets and centralized it in one place.


Power BI concepts
Power BI concepts

A Power BI report is sort of visualizations in the form of (graphs, charts and images) fetched from various data sources. The entire visualizations in a report is taken from relevant source such as a database. With all new powerful Power BI Reports can be generated effectively from scratch.

Query Editor

Power BI concepts
Power BI concepts

Query Editor is one of the tools in Power BI Desktop that opens in a separate window. In this you can transform data with queries and then create reports with that superior data model into business intelligent tool Power BI Desktop.

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  1. Power bi graphs look great

  2. Power bi is free ? How about power bi licence?