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Friday, 19 June 2015

Informatica Real time Scenarios List

By on June 19, 2015

The article  prepared by Tazeen Zehra from Bangalore on informatica real time scenarios.
 This scenarios questions has been prepared for the informatica developers and freshers who working in Informatica.

1)How to Separate duplicate values and distinct values from source by using aggregator transformation

2)How To Load Top 5 Records based on SAL without Using RANK transformation in Informatica

3)How to load every 4th record into target table in Informatica

4)How to load data based on even and odd record numbers in Informatica

5)Salary incrementing based on department by using router with expression

6)How to generate sequence number without using sequence generator transformation in informatica
Informatica Real time Scenarios List
Informatica Real time Scenarios List

7)Top 5 highly paid employees without using rank,sequence generator transformation in informatica

8)removing $ symbol from currency in informatica

9)Creating email from first name,last name,organization name in informatica

10)Creating first name, last name, organization name from email

11)How to convert dollar to rupee in informatica

12)How to find cumulative salary in informatica

13)How to load first record into one table second record into one table remaining will into another table

14)How to replace one character by another character by using replcachr function

15)How to load current sal for next extemployee

16)First salary as null and first row salary to second row in informatica

17)Top 10 salaries without rank

18)How to load numbers into one column alphabets into one column from single column

19)How to genarate sequence number for two target tables by using only one sequence generator

20)Mapping to load all records except last 5 records

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